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Bottom Lines

Text und Musik von Sebastian Thurau

I’m sorry I just checked my watch
reading bedtime story tonight
I’m sorry kid, you’re the essence
not a waste of time.
I’m desperate, tired, disrupted
my time keeps melting away.
Bottom-lining what dad would have said.

Find those friends who walk in
when your world is walking out.
Find friends who inspire you
whose trust you’ll never doubt.
Foster these relationships and
make them heal your soul.
The bottom line is friendship after all.

Life means suffering
but you always count on your friends
let them be the one port
to which you can always head
the bottom line of what dad would have said.

Stay hungry for your future and
whatever time will tell.
Go and find your life purpose
your inspiration well.
Purpose will make you stand up
let’s succeed and thrive
the bottom line is purpose in your life.

Life means suffering
your purpose will pull you through
make purpose your own lighthouse
to keep you stepping up the plate
the bottom line of what dat would have said.

Let love be the driver
of all deeds that you’ll do
learn to love yourself like others
your wheel is pushed by you<
be kind and may you never
surrender in your goals
the bottom line is love after all.

Life’s a decision-maze
you’re free to change your mind
love shall be the guiding light
for the choices that you make
the bottom line of what dad would have said.

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